Whispering Pines Colonial Spanish Mustangs
Joe and Tracy Stanek
4409 Shepherds Road
Partlow, VA  22534
(540) 582-2941

Whispering Pines Colonial Spanish Mustangs is dedicated to breeding
rare Spanish Mustangs, Southwest Spanish Mustangs, and American
Indian Horses.  All are included in the umbrella registry Horses of the
Joe and I have shared the passion of trying to preserve these special
horses.  Even though this  breed is still in existence today, it is on the  
critical list of rare breeds. Be a part of the living history these horses
provide.  You are welcome to visit our farm and experience the spirit of
America's first horse.  
The Spanish  Mustangs and other Colonial Spanish Horses shaped  the
Americas.   These descendants of the horse of the Conquistadors,
Indian buffalo hunters, war ponies, cavalry mounts, Pony Express
Pony's, ridden on the first cattle drives, and the wild horse of the West,
this breed has a rich and colorful history that has been a important part
of our American Heritage.  These horses are know for being loyal,
having stamina, heart and intelligence.  Those of us fortunate enough
to share their lives with these horses, know how truly special they are.  
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